Our Mission: Close More Deals



Ongoing training included: Weekly workshops and trainings in person and virtually to maximize potential. Unlimited Q&A.

Business Planning


Maximize your talents with a proven success model built around your strengths. Get on a path to success that works for you. 7 year plan.



Step-by-Step breakdowns on how to create more opportunities, deals and income. Delivered via industry leading coaching with tactics and tips.



Paperless compliance on the go, mobile friendly. Get your questions answered from some one with in the field experience when you need it. 

Technology Tools


Utilize relevant tools to maximize time and deal potential. CRM, IDX, Virtual Tools, Mobile Lead Generation and much more - "On-The-Go" friendly.

Proven Models


Brought to you based on success from leadership with real world conversion experience over the past 10 + years. Relevant for today's changing industry. 

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If your are a licensed agent in Texas or soon to be licensed we will send some information over in PDF

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Proven Success Model

Note: I recently read a statistic again that 9 out of 10 new agents in Texas are out of the business within 2 years of getting licensed...don't be a statistic, check out what we have to offer with no obligation or cost.

Texas Agent Success

Note #2: Will show you 3 methods can personally use to close 20+ deals per year.

Learn and Earn

Agent Focused

We understand not all real estate agents have the same goals or starting point, with an experienced and supportive culture built around you the Texas Real Estate Agent we are able to build a platform to help you grow a successful real estate career no matter what level you are currently at or looking to create. A mobile and agent friendly environment based on industry leading technology and change focused on consistent success - growth. 

If you are a licensed agent or soon to be licensed get in touch with us to see how we can help take your real estate business to the next level or sign up for one of our next business planning workshops in the Greater San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Houston, Austin  Area!

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2 - 3 + Deals Per Month

See how our agents are closing 2 to 3 + deals per month on average with consistent inbound leads. Exact methods and procedures with breakdowns along with open Q&A.

It can be tough being a real estate agent, trying to juggle all aspects involved from generating leads to writing contracts to coordinating transactions to getting deals closed (especially when getting started). We have proven systems and tools in place to take a large portion of this off your back...allowing you to do what you do best: 

  1. Work With Clients
  2. Show Homes
  3. Close Deals! 

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