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The way you get started in real estate as a REALTOR in the San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Austin or Houston Area can make all the difference in success or failure. There is a reason why 9 our of 10 agents do not renew their license after 2 years. Do your research and choose wisely, my personal advise from when I got started would be don't make your decision on split or fancy folders...make your decision on strongest opportunity and/or potential.


Texas Real Estate sales is an ever changing industry and staying ahead of the curve is vital. The way we do business now is a lot different than 25, 15 or even 5 years ago. Sales skills are a learnable asset (skill is different than talent)  that make up the difference between becoming an average agent or top producing agent making a great living. Ongoing and evolving training is crucial. 


Once out in the field and in front of home buyer and home seller clients you are certain to face situations and issues that you did not learn about in real estate school. Having some one with real world experience as a Texas REALTOR when YOU need it can be the difference of keeping or loosing a client, between closing a deal or having it fall apart.


We now live in an online world with information at the tips of everyone's fingers. People want instant gratification and ease (including agents) so providing it to them is key for retention and repeat / referral business not to mention can make your life much easier. Utilize available technology to free up 10-15 hours per week while still being profitable.


The life blood of any business is potential clients or customers AKA "Leads". Knowing how to generate and get in front of potential clients with our current industry and market trends is the name of the can not close business if do not have any leads to work, it's that simple. 

Coaching / Mentorhip

Wrapping it all up comes back to the most important thing which is getting you comfortable and confident and this is done most quickly via hands on coaching, accountability and mentorship from a team with recent and relevant real world experience and success in Texas as REALTORS. Having both an office you can go to when needed and a person you can call will accelerate your personal growth potential. 


Getting started in real estate as a Texas REALTOR has many expenses that can add up quickly becoming very expensive on your bank account especially if not turning deals right away. Not only do you want to be sure to have money reserved for your start up but also want to make sure you are not getting into a situation where you are expected to be paying out of pocket for everything upfront as this can handicap your ability to get going. Being nickeled and dimed or hit with monthly bills can be costly and frustrating plus takes away your ability to invest in more productive areas. 


Keep in mind this is a place you will be building a career hopefully...not a typical J-O-B. In most work situations you are not in control of your work environment and stuck having to work with what you have but luckily this isn't the case in real estate as you have the opportunity to select your environment and work culture. Be sure to take the time to explore your options and assure there is a good fit both personally and professionally that will help you move and grow in the right direct. It is a good idea to speak with some of the other agents in the office that are already experiencing success to get a feel for what you will be getting into. 

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